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Botanical pesticide is our company's feature

Published:2010.09.17 News source:Jiangsu Inter-china Group Corporation Views:

With deep going of environmental protection in agricultural industry, the bitanical pesticide, with its low toxicity, low residue and high efficiency advantages, are more and more welcome in the market. Our company are taking effort to develop high-quantity bitanical pesticides to applicate in market.


Botanical pesticide is meticulously refined and produced from wild medical plants, such as Sophora flavescens Ait, Veratrum nigrum L and A. rmichaeli. Debx ect.. It is a biologically derived liquid plant extract organic alkaloid for foliar application on crops, it contains naturally available hydrolyzed protein complexes derived from natural source of plant origin.


-Paralysis nerve center of insect, contact poison first, then solidify albumen and stop up the air vent of insect body, finally make the insect die of suffocate. Even some insect recovers, it will die later with the product effect full play within one week.

-Suppress insects to absorb food, reduce live rate and hinder growth of larva. Prevent insect to lay eggs.

-Suppress microsomal monooxygenase. Enhance the toxicity of active ingredient to insect.


-The active ingredients are all vegetable source natural matters, thus can be light-resolved completely in ecological system. The vegetables and fruits can be enjoyed 24 hours later after it is sprayed. Without pollution and residue to environment, the product can be used on organic farming. Control rate: 80%.

-Compose by complicated active ingredients, it can be effect multi-organism system of pest instead of one or directional organisms to destroy antipesticide system of pest.

-With plenty of trace elements and natural PGRs, it also can promote healthy plant growth.

-The materials can regenerate. Make use of herbs will not break ecological balance.


 Matrine  0.6%AS,0.38%AS  White spider, red spider, and broad mite
 Oxymatrine  0.2%oxymatrine + 0.4%psoralen AS  Lepidoptera, armyworm, cutworm, bollworm
 Nature aphkiller  1.5%EW, 5%EW, 50%, 60%TC  Aphides, thrips, whitefly, aphis gossypii gliver, sulzer
 Rotenone  5%EC, 20%TC, 90%TC  Spider, aphid, whitefly, stripe flea beetle, apple geometrid
 Nicotine  10%AS, 70%TC, 90%TC  Aphid, coccid, leafminer, planthopper
 Celastrus angulatus  1%EC, 6%TK  Moth, borer, mite, ect on fruit tree, palm tree, coco tree
 Veratrine  0.5%SL, 0.5%WP  Housefly, public health pests, stink bug

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