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Published:2010.11.11 News source:Jiangsu Inter-china Group Corporation Views:
Vietnamese people eat a lot of vegetable and many of them raw. Meanwhile, the levels of pesticide residues in vegetables is now worryingly high.
In fact, the substances with biological origins-the extracts from natural plants and herbs-were used by vietnamese famers a long time ago. They used leaves and latex from some certain plants to kill the insects that destroyed their crops.
Nowadays, scientists from around the world produce bio-pesticides which are used in many plantations. The products kill harmful insects, while they do not cause environment pollution and do not harm other animals and plants, and aer safe for humans as well as water resources.
Thanks to these advantages, bio-pesticide products have been used widely around the world. In indiam, those who grow vegetables in residential quarters must use bio-pesticides. Chemical pesticide can be used only in big farms, far from residential quarters, where farmers can manage the cultivation well and meet the requirements on PHT-pre-harvest interval.
In vietnam, biological pesticides have also been encouraged. However, the products is still not used widely, mostly because of the high price. Most farmers still favour chemical pesticide which kill insects immediately, while the prices of the products are affordable.
That explains why bio-pesticide products still have to struggle hard to get a foothold on the market.
In vietnam, farmers only use bio-pesticide when they are forced to. Many importers now require clean farm produce which are cultivated with bio-pesticides. In order to meet the requirements set by choosy importers, vietnamese farmers have to use bio-pesticides to grow tea trees, fruits, vegetables and high quality rice for export.
Meanwhile, farmers do not use bio-pesticides to grow the products for local consumption. Bio-pesticides arent used on rice fields on bif scale, partly because vietnam mainly exports medium class rice to easy-to-please markets like the philippines, indonesia, africa or cuba.
However, from the perspective of a long term development strategy. If vietnam plants to export ricr to japan, europe or the US, it has to think of using bio-pesticides products right now.

Experts have called for more drastic measures from the government to make the use of bio-pesticides more widespread among farmers.

Experts believe that the ministry of agriculture and rural debelopment should instruct its local departments to guide famers on how to use bio-pesticides. In the immediate time, bio-pesticides can be used for vegetables, and then they will also be used for other farm produce. Besides, other measures should also be taken by the state, such as lowering the import tariffs, and facilitating the advertisement of bio-pesticides in mass media.


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