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Chinese pesticide export up 20% in Q3

Published:2010.12.01 News source:Jiangsu Inter-china Group Corporation Views:
According to the customs, the value of Chinese export of pesticide in third quarter 2010 was $380 million up 20%, year on year. The export volume was 132000 tons, up 18.6%.
Driven by the economic rebound, the cumulative export for the first three quarter was $1.28 billion, up 16.6%, and volume was 440000 tons up 13.8%.
By product categories, first three quarters export values were $413 million for insecticides, up 21.5% year on year, $199.7 million for fungicides, up 35.6%, $652 million for herbicides and plant growth regulators, up 44.2%. by volume, the cumulative volumes were 128000 tons for insecticides, up 33%, 47500 tons for fungicides, up 34.7% 256000 tons for herbicides and plant growth regulators, up 52.5%.
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