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China's agrochemical industrial investment up 86%

Published:2010.12.01 News source:Jiangsu Inter-china Group Corporation Views:
The Chinese pesticide industry has invested 2.08 billion yuan in fix asset in the month of august 2010, jumped by 86.0% year on year. The investment on chemical pesticide was 1.27 billon, up 71.7%. while investment on biopesticide was 0.81 billion yuan, up 113.6%, both continued a downward from july.
The cumulative investment for the period of January to august this year was 16.77 billion yuan, which accounting for 38.5% of the planned investment, posted a 36.2% rise. The biopesticide industry has invested 6.96 billion yuan, grown by 70.8%, and the proportion for total pesticide has increased by 8.4% to 41.5%, while the investment on chemical pesticide was 9.81 billion yuan, up 19.1%.
During period of January to august, 388 investment projects were under constructed, up 6.0%.
The number of the newly undertook projects as grown by 6 to 240, including 150 chemical pesticide projects and 90 biopesticide projects. The number of the completed projects was 154, grown by 36, there into 109 projects on chemical pesticides and 45 for biopesticide.
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