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UAE updated restricted or banned pesticides list

Published:2011.01.19 News source:Jiangsu Inter-china Group Corporation Views:
A total of 401 pesticides have been either restricted or banned in the UAE.
Dr Rashid Ahmad Bin Fahad, Minister of environment and water, issued yesterday ministerial decree no 849 of 2010, amending the decree no 554 for year 2009 concerning banned pesticides and those of restricted use.
The decision to update the list of pesticides is based on the list of the European union and the united states of America.
Bin fahad said that the pesticides were divided into five groups according to the type used and degree of seriousness.
the ministry has worked to develop legislation, regulations and environmental controls including pesticide registration, ways of handing and use. It will also collaborate with municipalities and other authorities concerned to control the distribution of pesticides based on the strategic plan of the ministry. He said. The ministerial decree of the environment and water no 409 for 2009 concerning the executive regulations of law of pesticides is part of the gulf countries cooperation council law which ensures control over the import of pesticides and allowing it only through approved entry ports.
The law also prevent companies, institutions and individuals from handing or using any of the restricted pesticide unless the direct supervision and guidance.
He added that pesticides can be transported only in vehicles which conform to the specifications and technical requirements stared.

Environmental pesticides have to be accompanies by documents proving the purchase and copies of certificates of analysis issued by accredited laboratories. According to administrative order no 19 issued by the municipality in 1994, pest control companies are not allowed to use pesticide materials that have not been tested and approved by the municipality.

From: khaleej times 2011-1-11

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