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Argentinean corn area should decrease on 10%

Published:2012.10.15 News source:Jiangsu Inter-china Group Corporation Views:
Frequent rainfalls in some areas of argentina might ruin 10% of the predicted area for the season 2012/13 reaching 4 million hectares, projected the grain board of rosario yesterday. The estimative was the first one in this circle.
In September 6th The grain bord of rosario have released a report predicting a fall even more higher on the planted area, which could be only around 3,4 million hectares-12% less than the last year.
The planting season is starting on site and the current rainfalls could help seeds growing on the agricultural belt of the country. But on the other hand some farms could be injured because of the excess of rainfalls.
After the united states, argentina is the second biggest soybean exporter of the world.
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